Introducing the BD® Diabetes Care app

The new mobile app, offering a unique approach to diabetes management.

What is the BD® Diabetes Care app?

It's a mobile app that enables people with diabetes to make smarter choices and provides personalized resources and expert content, helping to empower you to have meaningful conversations with your care team. This is the first digital diabetes solution from BD that delivers personalized support and empowers you to feel confident and in control of your diabetes management, whenever and wherever you are.

BD Diabetes Care has the ability to identify trends beyond your blood glucose numbers, learning and growing with you, offering personalized insights and helpful tips to keep healthy behaviors on track.

Even if you are new to injection therapy or just want a refresher, the app is ready with expert advice from BD—the leading company in injection therapy— to make injections less intimidating.

Striving to make your diabetes management easier

The BD Diabetes Care app puts you back in control:

Anytime, anywhere assistant

Information, insights, advice and answers to critical questions 24/7.

Built for you

A unique and personalized experience based on your profile and disease needs.

Review curated content

Discover expert personalized content designed to help you stay informed about how the latest in living with diabetes could impact you.

Explore your health snapshot

Use data-driven insights to help understand changes in your numbers and identify proactive steps that may improve your health.

Gain dietary insights

Explore the CalorieKing™ database—with more than 80,000 food entries—designed to help you continue to make more informed choices.

Harness personal data

Discover health trends to uncover why your numbers may have changed and understand the impact of your habits.

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