Diabetes care for children

Learn how to help your child live a healthy life with diabetes

Caring for a child who is living with diabetes may initially seem like a challenge, but learning everything you can and building a foundation of healthy habits together can help them live long, healthy and happy lives. From home to school, and beyond, diabetes should not hold your child back.1–3

Family life

With a little education and preparation, children living with diabetes can still live rich, full lives. You and your child need to work together with your healthcare team to establish the healthy habits that will become the foundation of a long life with diabetes. Children with diabetes can still play sports, go to parties, date and learn to drive. They just need to also safely inject their insulin and manage their blood sugar at the same time.1

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Children live with diabetes 24/7, and that includes checking blood sugar and injecting insulin when they are at school. Make sure that your child's school can provide the proper support to keep their diabetes management on track and deal with any emergencies should they happen.

Diabetes Canada offers practical Guidelines for the Care of Students Living with Diabetes at School to help schools meet the needs of their students with diabetes.2

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Whether your child is going to a sleepover party or your family is taking a trip around the world, a little planning ahead can make travel easier when they are living with diabetes.

You can apply the following simple tips during travel:

  • Always pack twice the amount of supplies you think you may need.
  • Get a checkup with your healthcare team if your child will be away for an extended amount of time.
  • Make sure an adult will be around who knows how to manage diabetes treatment and deal with emergencies.3

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