Site rotation

Learn how to correctly rotate your injection sites to keep them healthy

If you inject insulin, keeping your injection sites healthy is important. Practicing proper injection site rotation and always injecting into healthy sites are two ways you can help keep your diabetes management on track.1

Injection site rotation

Diabetes experts agree that the best way to keep your injection sites healthy and avoid complications is to practice proper injection site rotation,1 by taking the following steps:

1. Choose an area.

2. Divide that area into four sections.

3. Select an injection site in a section to start injecting. Use one section per week.

4. Inject one finger width away from your last injection.

Remember these important tips:

  • Always use a new injection site. Do not inject into the same site repeatedly.

  • Avoid using a single injection site more than once every four weeks.1

Injection site health

Unhealthy lumps and bumps called lipohypertrophy, or just "lipos," can form under the skin of people who inject insulin. If you inject into them, your insulin may not work properly. You should always inject into healthy skin.1

Every time you inject, just taking the following two small steps can make a big difference:

  1. Replace your needle.
  2. Rotate your injection sites.1,2

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