Injections with a 4-mm pen needle*



Arrange your supplies. Remove the pen cap, and wipe the stopper.


Wash your hands. Remove the seal and push the new needle straight onto the pen. Do not put the needle on at an angle. Screw it on tight.


Remove the outer shield, then remove the inner shield.


Check the flow of medication by dialing 2 units, and with the needle facing up, press the thumb button until you see a drop of insulin. Repeat if necessary until you see a drop of insulin.


Dial your medication dose. Clean a small area of skin. Ensure the skin surface is completely dry before injecting.


Inject straight in at a 90-degree angle.1†


Press the thumb button down. Postinjection, count for 10 seconds before removing the needle from your skin to ensure an accurate dose.1


Use the needle once, and dispose of it properly.


 * Always check your pen or insulin syringe needle manufacturer's Instructions-for-Use and your insulin expiration date.

† Children from 2 to 6 years old or extremely lean adults may need to use a pinch-up technique.2

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